Practical DevSecOps Training and Certification

Learn DevSecOps concepts, tools and techniques from Industry experts with a practical and hands-on course. Master the real-world skills in our state of the art online lab and achieve your DevSecOps Certification.
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Join 5,000+ Security Experts and Developers in Learning DevSecOps Skills

640+ Labs

Hands-on labs to learn every aspect of product security.

110k+ hours of lab served

24×7 access to the labs within your browser.

5000+ Certified

Join professionals from 86+ countries across 6 continents

Well structured and intense course

The course in general was a great experience, really well structured and quite intense. The teacher was really happy to cover and answer all of our question and make sure we understand the connection between various DevOps processes.
Spyridon Manglis, ING

Training and Certification

Learn DevSecOps with practical and hands-on training from the experts.

Take your career to new heights by learning the latest in DevSecOps Training with the help of the “Most comprehensive DevSecOps course on the planet” and demonstrate your expertise to the organisations.

In Practical DevSecOps Online Training, you will learn how to handle security at scale using DevSecOps best practices.

Our DevSecOps Certification gives you an actual real-world implementation proficiency of DevSecOps concepts by giving participants task-based knowledge rather than theory.


Dedicated Virtual Labs

Practice the topics in state of the art Online Lab dedicated to only you

No more spending weeks and months to configure a DevOps environment, Our labs provide a full working DevSecOps environment for you to practice and hone your skills. Each Student has their own environment with full administrative access so you can practice/secure all the components in the pipeline.

Open source projects

We are the creators of OWASP DevSecOps Studio, DevSecOps Integra, and many other Projects

We not only fund community projects like DevSecOps Studio but also share various tools and techniques created for security practitioners. You can explore these projects at


Education is in Our Blood

Our expert Instructors have more than 1000+ hours of teaching experience in various organizations and international conferences like Blackhat, OWASP AppSec, DevSecCon and many more.

Hands-on Courses

Practical in nature with 100+ guided hands-on exercises in our state of the art online labs.


Certified DevSecOps Professional

The DevSecOps Professional course is our most sought-after DevSecOps…

24hr 30m Lectures • Hands-on labs



Certified Cloud-Native Security Expert

The Cloud-Native Security Expert course is our most sought-after DevSecOps…

24hr 30m Lectures • Hands-on labs



Certified API Security Professional

The API Security Professional course is our most sought-after DevSecOps…

24hr 30m Lectures • Hands-on labs

Join the Revolution

Our students take away learnings from our courses and apply them right away in their organisations