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Frequently Asked Questions

In a hurry ?  here are some of our frequently asked questions.

Before Purchase

Do you have a demo or example videos to see what the course is like? Also, do you have a course outline?
What is included in each course (video/pdf/lab)?

Anyone who takes our courses and clears the exam will be ready to implement DevSecOps in any organization on any kind of platform be it on-prem or on the cloud.

Lifetime Access:

  • Course Manuals And Lab Guide (500 pages)
  • Course Videos and Checklists (2 hours + docker course + checklists)
  • Tools used during the course, Access to a dedicated slack channel
  • 30+ Guided Exercises

Fair Access:

  • 30 days of Online Lab Access.
  • One exam attempt for respective Certification.
Do I need to take any foundational level DevSecOps/DevOps training before your training?

We do not assume any DevOps knowledge for the course, we teach you enough DevOps that you will be very comfortable taking the course.

Can I see Public Reviews of the course ?
You can find student reviews below. 

Vandana Varma, OWASP Board Member



Abdoulkader Dirieh(France), Security Architect



Emily Young (UK), Security Engineer

Viswanath Chirravuri, Software Application Security Advisor Thales/Gemalto (USA)


Mukhtiar Khan,  Security Advisor (UK) 



Diego Porras(Guatemala), DevSecOps Engineer


Sanjeev Jaiswal, 
Lead Application Security Engineer, EPAM Systems (India) 



Shashank Dixit, Principal Consultant, Sumeru Solutions (India) 


Ishaq Mohammed, DevSecOps Engineer



Social Media Feedback
















How recognized is your certification in the industry?

Our certification courses are well recognized in the industry as we are the only dedicated DevSecOps Certification provider in the world.

Coupled with our hands-on labs and practical exposure to the course, employers can gain confidence in your skills.

See more details at https://www.practical-devsecops.com/exam-and-certification/ 

We have more than 50 Certified DevSecOps Professionals with over 400 students who have taken the course.

Our students come from different parts of the world like

Europe – UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, and Spain

Americas – Canada and USA

APAC – Singapore, India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

You can find reviews from our past students below. 

Vandana Varma, OWASP Board Member https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/devops-with-security-vandana-verma

Viswanath Chirravuri, Software Application Security Advisor Thales/Gemalto (USA) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/want-practical-security-indevops-viswanath-s-chirravuri/

Mukhtiar Khan,  Security Advisor (UK) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/certified-devsecops-professional-cdp-mukhtiar-khan-msc-cisa-cissp/

Sanjeev Jaiswal, 
Lead Application Security Engineer, EPAM Systems (India) http://www.aliencoders.org/content/certified-devsecops-professional-cdp-course-and-exam-review/

Shashank Dixit, Principal Consultant, Sumeru Solutions (India) http://shashcoma.blogspot.com/2020/05/ode-to-devsecops.html

Are they any students I can connect with to get their experience or is there a forum to discuss for registered students?

Yes, please feel free to connect with the above students on twitter, Linkedin and ask their feedback.

How difficult the course would be to complete without DevOps Knowledge?

We do not assume any DevOps knowledge for the course, we teach you enough DevOps that you will be very comfortable taking the course.

Course Fees & Payments

How can I make payment?

After you filled the registration form on our website, you will receive your student number (PDSOID). Once the registration is done, you will receive an email from us which contains a dedicated purchase link. Payment can be done via this personal (dedicated) link via debit and credit cards. If you wish to make payments via PayPal, please reach out to us on [email protected]

What is the price for DevSecOps Architect?

Certified DevSecOps Architect course is only offered as part of Blackhat/Brucon/AppSec conferences.


The price varies as per the conference organizer policies. Please refer to the respective conference pages for pricing details.

What is the price for DevSecOps Professional + DevSecOps Expert bundle?

Please refer our pricing page at https://www.practical-devsecops.com/pricing/

Can you provide an invoice

After your registration process completes, please email us at [email protected] for an invoice with your details like company name, billing address, etc., We will be happy to help you with the same.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer both personal and corporate discounts, you can find more details about it below.

Corporate Discounts:

10 – 19 students: 10% discount
20 – 29 students: 12% discount
30 or more students: 15% discount

To avail of corporate discounts, a full course fee must be paid in advance.

Personal Discounts

We do not offer personal discounts except for students and unemployed individuals. Please share your student id(not email address) or relieving letter via [email protected].

Note: We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add changes to this policy based on available data.

Course Content and Lab Access

Do I have lifetime access to all the materials?

Yes, except labs you have lifetime access to everything. 

Can I extend my lab time?

Sure, You can extend the lab access using our lab extension page at https://www.practical-devsecops.com/lab-extension/.

Can I start my 30 days of lab access after I finish course videos?

Unfortunately, course material and lab are tied together and can’t be issued separately.

Are the videos online or can they be exported? is there an app version of this as well?

Yes, all videos are online and you have lifetime access to them however you can not export/download them to your local machine. You can make use of course guides and lab manuals for local access.

Yes, there is an app for you to view these exercises on the go.

Exam and Certification process

What to expect in the exam and certification process?

Our certification exams are online, scenario based, open book exams. You can read more about the certification process at https://www.practical-devsecops.com/exam-and-certification/

Do I have to clear the exam in 30 days?

Nope, you can take your exam whenever you want up to 6 months from your lab end date.
E.g, You started your course and labs on 1st January, your lab ends on 30th January. You have till 30th July to write the exam. After which your exam voucher will expire.

Is it a proctored exam in a specific exam center?

Nope, it’s an online exam. However, we might ask you to show us around the room (Before/During/After the exam).

What's the format of the exam/duration of the exam/is it practical or MCQ?

Our exams are practical in nature. You will need to solve 5 challenges by implementing DevSecOps pipelines in our lab.

You will have 12 hours (CDP) or 24 hours (CDE) to complete these 5 challenges. Based on your exam report, we will decide your result (pass/fail).

The partial score is considered for incomplete challenges.

The pass percentage is a minimum of 80%

Will the exam environment be similar to the course labs?

Yes, the exam environment will be similar but not identical to the course labs.

The exam guide will have more information about special cases and deviations.

Would you be providing a sample report for the exam?

Yes, you will receive a sample report as part of the exam guide.

Please use it to submit your exam report.

Can I retake the exam


Retake fee for either CDP or CDE exam is $100.

You can pay the re-exam fee at https://www.practical-devsecops.com/exam-retake/

Is there a limit on exam re-attempts?


You can attempt the exam as many times as you wish however there should be at least 15 days gap between exams.

Is there a cool off period for re-take after 1st attempt?

Yes, there is. Cool off period is 15 days from the 1st attempt.

You can reschedule your exam here.

What is the validity of the CDP/CDE/CDA Certifications?

Our certifications never expire, you will be certified for a lifetime hence no renewal for certification.

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