Practical DevSecOps Learning/Career Path

Practical DevSecOps certifications prepare you for Secure SDLC, Product Security, and DevSecOps career paths. Each of our certifications is designed to help you deepen DevSecOps expertise. 

Technical Path

This DevSecOps Career Pathway allows you to gain strong technical skills to implement DevSecOps in an organization

If you are just getting started or looking to improve your job perspective, this certification path allows you to gain foundational skills in professional certification, achieve expertise in expert certification and design solutions in Architect certification.

Leadership Career Pathway

The leadership pathway is the strategy and leadership certification path, designed to assist IT managers and business stakeholders in the organizational DevSecOps transformation.

In this pathway, you will be able to understand the basics of DevSecOps from the business perspective, assess the DevSecOps Maturity of the organization(PDSOMM), design the DevSecOps Strategy for an organization(Wardley mapping and Cynefin), and influence organizational’s culture for shift-left approach.

Become an expert

Learn DevSecOps from Industry experts with practical, hands-on training in our state of the art online lab and achieve your DevSecOps Certification.

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