Threat Modeling Tales & Privacy Parables: Fact or Fiction?
  • Date
    April 28, 2022
  • Time
    10:00 AM EDT
  • Broadcast At
    Zoom Live
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Kim Wuyts

About Webinar

Threat modeling is hot! The OWASP top 10 recognizes it as a valuable approach to ensure secure design. Threat modeling is equally useful to implement privacy by design. So, what is this ‘threat modeling’ everyone is talking about? Do we really need to care about privacy in our software development beyond the quick fixes that are typically associated with it (e.g. consent for newsletters)?
Time to debunk some myths about threat modeling and privacy!

📚 This talk will tackle some common misconceptions about threat modeling and privacy engineering. The talk will cover:
✅ Threat modeling basics, values & principles
✅ The need for privacy by design
✅ Difference between security and privacy threat modeling
✅ Privacy by design principles and key privacy concepts
✅ Pointers on how to get started with (privacy) threat modeling