Best Software Supply Chain Security Tools in 2023

by | May 23, 2023

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software supply chain security tools

Software supply chain security is essential for preventing cyber attacks that target the software supply chain. The software supply chain consists of the processes involved in creating, testing, and distributing software, as well as the components and third-party libraries used in software development.

Best Software Supply Chain Security Tools

When it comes to securing the software supply chain, organizations need the right tools to detect, monitor, and remediate threats. Here are some of the best software supply chain security tools available today, with their unique features and capabilities.

Scribe Security

Scribe Security offers an end-to-end software supply chain security solution called Scribe Trust Hub, which provides continuous code assurance throughout the software development lifecycle in a zero-trust approach. The tool automatically generates shareable product SBOMs and provides insights around container vulnerabilities, dependencies, pipelines, and code tampering. It easily integrates within DevOps pipelines and offers a free trial.


  • Continuous code integrity and provenance throughout the SDLC
  • SBOM management and sharing platform
  • Reports of suspicious or vulnerable code components
  • Governed development processes
  • Compliance with SSDF and SLSA recommendations

Contrast Security

Contrast Security is a software supply chain security tool that stands out for detecting real vulnerabilities with high accuracy and precision. The Contrast Secure Code Platform empowers developers to identify and fix real-time risks for the complete software development lifecycle. It integrates seamlessly into DevOps pipelines and broadly supports application security platforms.


  • CodeSec by Contrast: secure code through a simple command line interface
  • Contrast Scan: quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities
  • Contrast Protect: block run-time attacks
  • Contrast Serverless: fix security issues across serverless environments
  • Contrast SCA: test third-party, open-source code


Cybeats offers a software supply chain security tool called SBOM Studio that is best for generating SBOMs to understand and track third-party components. The tool is a comprehensive management solution for the collection, storage, and distribution of SBOMs aimed at providing security for software consumers, producers, and government vendors. Cybeats SBOM solution provides inventory management, risk assessments for vulnerability and licensing risks, and compliance standards enforcement.


  • SBOM covers the product lifecycle, including security scores
  • Supply chain screening into the security of third-party software
  • Software license analysis to maintain compliance
  • Industry compliance to inspect all software in the supply chain
  • Accurate budgeting based on SBOM forecasts for cybersecurity costs
  • Assesses the potential implications of third-party software breaches
  • Transparency throughout the software supply chain

Legit Security

Legit Security offers a software supply chain security solution for scoring risks across CI/CD pipelines, SDLC systems, product lines, and code. The platform combines discovery and analysis with hundreds of security policies to detect, score, and remedy threats. It covers all SDLC assets, including dependencies and pipeline flows, providing a visualization of the complete software supply chain.


  • Automated discovery and analysis
  • Best Practice Security Policies and Remediation of Risks
  • Continuous assurance
  • Full SDLC transparency


Chainguard offers the best software supply chain security solution for signing and verifying software artifacts. Chainguard Enforce is a containerized workload solution that allows users to define, distribute, monitor, and enforce policies that guarantee trusted container images for safe deployment. The platform is a native Kubernetes application that ensures developers deploy safely, following SDSS recommendations.


  • Centrally managed and administered policy agent
  • Integration of multiple CI platforms
  • Continuous verification and alerts for policy and compliance deviations
  • Real-time asset inventory for the entire organization

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Each of these software supply chain security tools offers unique features aimed at building trust in software across teams and organizations, ensuring the continuous security of the software supply chain, and maintaining security and compliance standards. Choosing the right tool depends on the specific needs of an organization, its security requirements, and the complexity of its software supply chain.

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