Why DevSecOps is a Promising Career Option in 2024?

by | Apr 16, 2023

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The rise in DevOps practices has made it easier to deliver applications faster. However, an increased pace of delivery of software also increases the risk of shipping a bunch of security issues in the form of vulnerabilities. So, these days, in the changing and emerging IT environment, it’s a domain of very grave importance for security to incorporate with software development. DevSecOps has emerged as the answer to this problem. So, is DevSecOps really a great career up to 2024? This blog answers the question in detail.

Why DevSecOps is a Good Career Option?

The world relies on technology even for most of the work, and thus the requirement of secure software development practices is needed at this hour more than any other time. DevSecOps is a security enhancement of the DevOps method. The rise of software development security calls for the best line of career that could be chosen. The following points draw a few of the reasons that could be pointed out toward DevSecOps as the best career to follow for the year 2024.

5 Reasons Why DevSecOps is a Good Career Option

Here are five reasons that can convince you why DevSecOps is a good career option:

High Demand for DevSecOps Professionals


is devsecops a good career option statistics

Growing Expertise Demand: As the organization turns to the implementation of security in their software development life cycle, the professionals’ demand keeps growing in DevSecOps. This is also one trend inflating the job market regarding the field.

Attractive DevSecOps Salary 

Market Growth Projections: As such, the market for DevSecOps is expected to witness massive growth in the upcoming years, with a projected CAGR of 24.1% during the forecast period 2021-2028. This results in a projected market size of USD 41.66 billion in 2030 with a CAGR of 30.76%.

Opportunities for Career Growth

DevSecOps is a new vast discipline with adequate space for one to be able to better himself and grow. This is to say that as a DevSecOps practitioner, you can do the work within a static organization but still develop the skills and knowledge for the same, with very high promotions and roles in the place of work.

Meeting Organizational Requirements

Most organizations these days expect both development and operations teams to be well versed in security practices. DevSecOps certification may put you in compliance and make you the answer to your organization’s security needs.

70% of security team members say security has shifted left.

36% of respondents currently develop software using DevSecOps, compared with only 27% in 2020.

96% of respondents said their organization would benefit from automating security and compliance processes, a key principle of DevSecOps.

38% report a lack of education around DevSecOps.

The Ability to Make a Difference

This, therefore, means that working as a DevSecOps professional, your bounden duty would be to make sure that the software applications developed by your organization are secure and resilient. Whether or not you practice DevSecOps in the office, by doing so elsewhere, one would be contributing majorly to security. This sense of purpose can be highly motivating and fulfilling.

How Do I Get Into DevSecOps?

The DevSecOps certification ensures that the organization is hiring professionals who can put security practices at every step of the software development life cycle. This would demonstrate that the certified professional can identify and correct vulnerabilities of security and ensure that the applications to be developed are secure and resilient.

The course is from Practical DevSecOps, one of the best course providers in Certified DevSecOps Professional (CDP) which includes hands-on labs practice through a browser, support from instructors 24×7, and the best learning resources for an individual to upskill in DevSecOps.

devsecops certification is a good career option

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