Top 5 Container Security Books in 2023

by | Mar 1, 2023

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top 5 books on container security

Containers are now a common solution for packaging and deploying applications as their use grows. This has made container security necessary. The importance of container security has increased with the adoption of Kubernetes and other container orchestration technologies. This blog attempts to provide a list of the Top 5  Container Security books that every security professional should read, along with an in-depth but quick review of each.

Top 5 Container Security Books in 2023

Are you a security enthusiast interested in container security? Or are you a professional just starting with container security? Either way, reading books is a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding of this field. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 5 container security books that you must read.

Container Security: Fundamentals, Standards, and Best Practices by Liz Rice

container security fundamentals books

Covering various subjects such as container architecture, runtime security, and vulnerability management, this container security book offers a comprehensive introduction to container security. It is a best-seller and essential reading for those seeking to improve their proficiency in managing container security.

Kubernetes Security by Liz Rice

Kubernetes Security book by Liz Rice

Through her book “Kubernetes Security,” Liz Rice offers a comprehensive analysis of Kubernetes security, including its best practices for securing containerized applications. Network security, secret management, and incident response are just a few of the subjects covered in this indispensable book. This book should be recommended to anyone using Kubernetes who wants to have a better grasp of container security.

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Hacking Kubernetes by Andrew Martin

Hacking Kubernetes Book

This book offers a thorough discussion of the security issues related to Kubernetes and how to mitigate them. It covers subjects like incident response, security best practices, and Kubernetes attack vectors. Anyone working with Kubernetes who wants to better grasp container security should read it.

Application Container Security Guide by NIST

container security guide

Need a comprehensive insight into container security, related standards, and guidelines? This book is the best guide you can have to get assistance with topics such as container security best practices, its architecture,  runtime security, and vulnerability management. 

Docker Deep Dive by Nigel Poulton

docker deep dive book

As the title of the book suggests, this book provides a deep dive into the understanding of Docker, including its best practices for securing containerized applications. It covers topics such as container hardening, network segmentation, and incident response. Docker Deep dive can be a handy guide for developers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers.

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Container Security has become the standard choice for organizations that are visionary.   Overall, these top 5  books on Container Security are well-written, informative, and provide a good balance of technical detail and practical advice. They are useful for both beginners and experienced professionals looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of container security.

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