The ROI of Investing in DevSecOps Certification for Your Organization

by | Jul 12, 2023

the roi of investing in devsecops certification

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing technological landscape, the importance of cybersecurity and DevSecOps practices cannot be overstated. Incorporating DevSecOps practices in your organization can help you keep your software secure and minimize security vulnerabilities. Investing in DevSecOps certification for your organization also helps to ensure that your team is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to build secure software. In this article will explore the ROI of investing in DevSecOps certification for your organization.

Improved Security

One of the most significant benefits of investing in DevSecOps certification is improved security. DevSecOps practices help to integrate security as a fundamental aspect of software development, resulting in more secure and resilient applications. 

Accelerated Delivery

Another significant benefit of investing in DevSecOps certification is that it can help you accelerate software delivery. Implementing DevSecOps means creating an efficient process that can help you reduce software development time by automating crucial tasks. Certified professionals are trained in automation and deployment methodologies, which help to make software delivery more consistent, reliable and efficient, while also reducing time to market.

Cost Savings

Investing in DevSecOps certification can also help your organization save money over time. By addressing security issues early in the development process, you can reduce the costs associated with fixing vulnerabilities after a software is deployed. This can also help to avoid potential financial damage from data breaches or other security incidents. Additionally, investing in DevSecOps certification can help reduce staff turnover rates, saving time and money on recruitment and training.

Better Compliance

Compliance is essential in many industries that handle sensitive customer data. DevSecOps ensure that security standards are incorporated at every step of software development, making it easier to maintain compliance with relevant regulations. Certified DevSecOps professionals are trained in compliance and can help ensure that your organization maintains compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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Conclusion: The Benefits of DevSecOps Certification are Numerous

In conclusion, investing in DevSecOps certification for your organization has numerous benefits. By integrating security as a fundamental aspect of software development, you can improve security, accelerate software delivery, save money, and maintain compliance. DevSecOps professionals are trained to analyze prevailing security risks and vulnerabilities at every stage of the development process. The Certified DevSecOps Professional CDP course starts with the basics of DevSecOps and moves towards advanced concepts such as SCA, SAST, DAST, Security as Code, Infrastructure as Code, and vulnerability management.

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